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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

We have done thousands of turf installations in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, California. We use Urifill exclusively and have found that it works much better then straight zeolite. Our guys love the fact that it’s a much cleaner install; they don’t have to breathe in all the dust and deal with all of the mess. 

Urifill works differently in the way that the turf drains better and it provides much better blade stabilization. If our clients have pets, they use the combination of Urifill and Uricide together and as a result, we no longer get call backs from them complaining of pet urine odors. We used to use straight zeolite years ago, but it is nowhere near as effective as Urifill.”
Craig V., SmartGrass Synthetic Turf, Los Angeles, California

“URIFILL is a much better product then straight zeo or silica sand. It already comes pre-mixed so we don’t have to waste time on the job site trying to mix 2 different products together. When our guys used to use 100% zeo, they had to wear bandanas as a makeshift dust mask or cover their mouths with their shirts to avoid breathing in all the dust. The best benefit is, we no longer get call backs from our customers complaining about pet odors and they are happy.  By far, that is the best benefit of using Urifill.”
Vincente D. , CA Syn Turf, Pomona, California

” We have been using Urifill for about 2 years now. When clients have pets or want an upgraded infill, Urifill is all we use. I can say as an installer doing over 200 jobs per year, it makes a huge difference in install time, clean up and servicing the client for odor problems. There’s no better infill. “ Juan D, Diaz Installations,  Norwalk, CA

I’m a designer in the South bay of Los Angeles, working from Ventura to San Diego. I do a lot of landscaping work for yards, patios, driveways etc. Over the past 7 years, I’ve designed and managed hundreds of artificial turf installations. The best thing about Urifill is, I no longer get customer call backs. No calls means happy clients!

Urifill is a life saver and if a client has pets, it’s the only brand of infill I will use.
Lisa L., “ The Grass Lady .“ LaShure Designs, Redondo Beach, CA


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