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URI-FILL Artificial Turf Infill And Zeolite Volcanic Ash.

In our previous article, we talked about the artificial turf infills used on synthetic lawns, and the functional purpose of these infills. In this article we’ll cover Zeo, or Zeolite, a common component of turf infill products, due in large to its exceptional absorption properties.

Zeolite is a volcanic ash found in abundance and mined for centuries for a variety of practical uses. Its Urifill zero fillexceptional moisture absorbing properties are the result of the natural porous honeycomb cell structure of the substance, which also lends itself to the elimination of pet urine odor. The strong ammonia smell from pet urine results from the conversion of ammonium (NH4+) to ammonia gas (NH3), and zeolite pulls the moisture content from the urine separting it from the ammonium before the ammonium has a chance to vaporize.

So zeolite’s porous molecular structure provides a base which can absorb and retain liquids, but it also makes this inorganic substance able to readily absorb unwanted contaminants which lay in close proximity to the Zeolite where it is mined. This results in the need for a purification and grading process to ensure metals and other undesirable elements are not introduced to your artificial lawn via the turf infill product itself.

At URI-FILL®, we source only high-grade zeolites for use in our turf infill products to avoid contaminating your lawn with potentially toxic or harmful substances. You may be able to source a product which, pound for pound, appears to be less expensive than URI-FILL®, but it could be both harmful and deficient when used in artificial turf applications.

But is Zeo or Zeolite the only component required in a turf infill product?

There are other types of infill, including rubber based and wood based products, but Zeolite is by far the most popular and absolutely the best choice where pets are involved. However, unlike most other manufacturers of zeolite artificial turf infills, at URI-FILL we use a proprietary substance which we term ‘Green Sand’. Green sand is an important partner to zeolite as it helps prevent the zeolite from becoming compacted. Zeolite’s greatest strength can also be its one main weakness – its porous, honeycomb cellular structure makes it susceptible to becoming crushed and compacted when forces are applied to the turf surface (normal foot traffic). Once compacted, its efficiency at passing liquids through for effective draining become compromised, as does its ability to provide adequate support to the artificial turf blade.

At URI-FILL®, we create our turf infill products from a combination of zeolite and green sand. The green sand is a granular substance which is coated in an acrylic armor casing and is so fine that it effectively blends with the porous zeolite and provides mechanical integrity to the zeolite grain. Thus when pressure is applied to the infill, the green sand helps the zeolite to retain its shape and porous properties, resulting in a far longer lasting infill from those found in competing products.


Professional Artificial Turf Installers

Professional artificial turf installation contractors understand the weakness and limitation of zeolite, so many use a two-step process, applying a separate product in conjunction with zeolite in an effort to replicate the strengthening benefits provided by our green sand. However, this approach does not work as intended for the simple reason that, regardless of which substance is laid down first, the zeolite is unable to effectively blend with the strengthening agent and as such is not protected from compression. For the two substances to work together to provide the required results, they must be blended together and mixed in the correct proportions. Of course, a single application of turf infill also makes a lot more sense cost-wise than having to lay down two products, one atop the other.

Only URI-FILL® provides the solution to artificial turf drainage and odor removal – our 2-pack formula of zeolite and green sand.

Contact us today for dealer opportunities in your area, we have very favorable prices for landscapers and contractors. To touch and feel the product and to see for yourself how it is different than the product you are currently using, contact us today for a sample, or order directly URI-FILL® Artificial Turf Infill Samples

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