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Artificial Turf Infill

All artificial turf utilizes some form of infill product. Infill, of which URI-FILL® is one brand, is poured on the grass surface and settles between the artificial turf fibers / synthetic grass blades.

The purpose of artificial turf infill is to assist in returning the grass blades to an upright URI-FILL Artificial Turf Infillposition after pressure has been applied to the surface (footfall or other traffic). There are other important ways in which infill works to retain the function and appearance of your artificial turf lawn, so let’s take a look at the most common benefits of using a quality infill product:

1 – As mentioned above, infill should assist the grass blades in returning to a normal upright state after applied pressure, and generally help to keep the fibers upright so as to prevent the lawn or artificial turf surface from having a flat ‘matted’ appearance. Clearly this is an important aspect of any artificial lawn, particularly those with longer blades. Without using a quality infill product like URI-FILL®, the grass will quickly lose its form and begin to look old, matted, and flattened down. You need to protect your investment in artificial turf, so it’s foolish to cut corners at the infill stage.

2 – Artificial turf infill adds mass to the turf and helps keep the turf from rippling as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature. Clearly, your lawn is subjected to all manner of environmental conditions, direct sunlight, temperature extremes, heavy rainfall, snow, and not to forget the occasional visit from our canine or feline friends! Infill must be able to function under all of these different conditions and help protect the synthetic grass blades and backing system and to maintain the appearance of the lawn.

3 – Infill provides a layer of necessary protection for the turf backing system. The backing system can be considered the internal support structure, which is designed into the artificial turf. It supports the blades, provides the mechanical coupling between the grass surface and the ground, and controls the way in which your lawn installation drains away water and liquid contaminants. Without a quality infill like URI-FILL®, the backing system is afforded less protection from harmful UV radiation and has to absorb the full impact of external forces such as foot and vehicular traffic.

4 – Drainage during rainfall is also impacted by your choice of infill. We’ll cover how different infills lead to different rates of drainage in our upcoming article – turf infills, zeolite, and artificial lawn drainage.

Artificial Turf Infill for synthetic lawns



URI-FILL® utilizes a unique ionization process during its manufacture that gives our product the ability to draw out and neutralize the harmful elements of contaminants, such as pet urine and pet feces. Simply put, URI-FILL® turf infill neutralizes pet odors better than any other infill product on the market. Furthermore, we achieve this performance without resorting to the use of harmful chemicals, URI-FILL® is 100% natural and from the earth.

If preventing harm to the environment is your thing, and it should be, consider this important fact about URI-FILL®’s method of dealing with pet odors from urine and solid waste. Our unique ionization process effectively removes the bacteria, which causes odor from the contaminants and stores it within the infill product itself. It doesn’t completely destroy the bacteria, but it significantly reduces any permeating odor. In this way, it becomes less urgent to clean/treat affected areas of the lawn. Applying an enzyme cleaner such as one of our popular URI-CIDE® products completes the task of destroying the bacteria, whereupon a quick flush away with a hose restores your lawn back to its former self. Therefore, utilizing URI-FILL® will prevent the need for adding harsh chemicals to your lawn and reduce the amount of water usage significantly over competing infill products.

No Chemicals – No Smell – Less Water

URI-FILL Artificial Turf Infill


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