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The image below illustrates what happens when two different infills are not mixed properly. The straight zeo is piled on top of the green infill below, creating two separate layers. When this happens, rain water, pet urine and moisture will not drain properly, defeating the purpose of the bottom layer.

The green infill cannot do it’s job, rendering it useless. Over time, the top layer will harden and cake together. This hardening causes trapped water, which will turn stagnant, create mold and mildew, and eventually cause odors.

Attempting to mix two different infills together on the job site results in more mess, wasted time and an ineffective application of infill that cannot do it’s job.

By using URIFILL, the contractor does not have to waste time trying to mix two materials together. The end result is lower labor costs, time saved and an overall higher quality turf installation.


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