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Will Uricide definitely get rid of the urine odors on my artificial turf?
Yes! It’s impossible for Uricide not to work. The urea that is in the urine becomes a food source for the microbes in Uricide. Uricide feeds on the odor causing bacteria, consuming and digesting it, until it is completely gone.  Once the bacteria has been neutralized, it no longer releases the ammonia gasses that cause the odor.

What does a, “ 20:1 “  concentrate mean?
The hose end adapter that comes with your purchase of URICIDE is already configured to dilute the concentrate to a 20 to 1 ratio. This means that for every 1 part of formula that gets pulled out of the bottle, 20 parts of hose water are mixed with it.

  • If you purchase 1 gallon bottle of our formula, you get 20 gallons of usable product.
  • If you purchase a 1 quart bottle, you get 5 gallons of usable product. 

Do I have everything that I need when I purchase URICIDE?
Yes everything that you need is included with your purchase. This is for all sizes; quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. You do not have to purchase any additional sprayers or bottles.

How much surface area does URICIDE treat?
One quart of URICIDE® can treat between 1000 to 2000 Feet of artificial turf. If your dog or dogs urinate all over the entire area of the turf evenly, one quart of URICIDE will treat approximately 1000 Square feet. If your dog only goes to the bathroom in certain areas of the turf and you only have to use it specific areas,  one quart of URICIDE® can treat up to 2000 Sq Feet of Turf.

How often do I have to use URICIDE?
There are several factors that will determine how often you have to treat your artificial turf. These are mainly the number of dogs you have, the ambient temperature, the size of your yard and your dog’s diet.

Less Frequent. Use approximately one time every two to three weeks
This would be if you live in an area that is typically cooler, you have one small dog that goes to the bathroom in all different areas, the soiled area is more spread out and each area will not be as saturated.

 More Frequent. Use Approximately Once A Week during the Summer Months.
This would be if you live in a hotter climate, ( Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California). You have several big dogs that go the bathroom in a smaller area, where the soiled area is much more saturated with urine. If you own a dog day care center where you have 25 or more dogs, you may have to treat your turf once every 3 days during the  hottest months of the summer. 

In summary, if you have one small dog that goes to the bathroom in a more spread out area, you will not have to treat your artificial turf as often as someone who has several larger dogs that urinate in a smaller area.

Do you offer a guarantee with my purchase of Uricide?
Absolutely! If you are not 100% satisfied with Uricide, we will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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