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The URICIDE® and URIFILL® Brands are the industry leader in artificial turf odor control products and have become the preferred choice for contractors, landscapers, turf installers and homeowners. Our turf odor elimination products have restored harmony to the homes of pet owners and a wide array of  businesses;  including dog day care centers, apartment complexes, veterinarian clinics, dog parks and pet training facilities in all areas across the United States.

While other companies attempt to tackle similar issues with the use of harsh and toxic chemicals, the URICIDE and URIFILL Family remains committed to solving common cleaning and sanitation problems by harnessing the latent forces of Mother Nature. With escalating concern over man-made environmental issues, the last thing the planet needs is for consumers to add millions of gallons of toxic waste into water systems each year. At Uricide, our technicians have developed potent cleaning, sanitation and odor removal products which are all 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe.


URIFILL®  AGS PremIum Turf Infill

Using our proprietary infill mix of odor eliminating and turf cooling technology, our granular products have transcended the traditional methods of turf infill technology, with our revolutionary product, URIFILL AGS, Premium Turf Infill. URIFILL solves a long time problem for turf installers and contractors, by enabling them to deliver a premium turf installation to their clients. By incorporating URIFLL into their turf installs, the end result is a turf installation that has advanced odor control, superior draining and neutralizes mold and mildew more effectively.



URICIDE’s synergistic blend of living bacteria is specially formulated for eliminating pet odors on artificial turf and all other surfaces. URICIDE is specially formulated to neutralize, consume and digest all forms of organic waste. Our remarkable formula has finally solved the insurmountable task of eliminating pet urine odors on artificial turf, and has saved the outdoor areas of home and business owners nationwide.

Simply put, our liquid concentrate is the most powerful odor eliminating product available. No other product comes close to the odor neutralizing power of URICIDE.



Contrary to the belief of some “all-natural” skeptics, our commitment to working in harmony with nature does not result in less effective products. Our innovative products use all natural materials and potent strains of living bacteria to consume organic waste matter, break down solids, eliminate harmful bacteria and neutralize harsh smells.

With our 100% commitment to the environment and to our customers, you can put your trust in URICIDE and URIFILL; the leaders of environmentally safe cleaning, sanitization and odor removal products.

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