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Get Rid of Dog Urine smells on Turf
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URIFILL Artificial Turf Infill

Urifill is an artificial turf infill, that is made out of a combination of non-toxic and natural materials. These resources are 100% safe around kids, pets and plants.

The synergestic blend of ingredients in Urifill work together to perform a variety of functions; functions that other  turf infills simply cannot perform. Urifill’s unique mix of zeo and green sand, work in harmony to allow more efficient draining, better stabilization of the turf blades, and less dust when applying. Our premium infill product will also prevent bacteria growth, has superior odor control and will keep the surface of the artificial turf cool.

Most Artificial Turf Infills Are Not very Effective. Why is This?

Most infills are 100% zeo, also known as volcanic ash. Zeo works to keep the temperature of the turf surface cool and also as a deodorizer to help eliminate pet odors.

However, due to its naturally occurring shape, straight zeo packs together too tightly, and will clump together when distributed throughout the turf and over time, will become compacted through use. When the zeo is packed together too tightly, it blocks and prevents water from draining as effectively.

When rainwater and moisture get trapped, and are combined with pet urine, humidity, hot sun and high ambient temperatures, the trapped water turns stagnant. The stagnant water, when mixed with pet urine, creates a swamp-like environment and will start to release ammonia gases into the air. These ammonia gases will create very offensive odors which are a major problem for homeowners

Why URIFILL is the Most Effective Artificial Turf Infill Available

 Increased Drainage: URIFILL™ is a superior product, and uses a combination of Zeo and green sand. The green sand has a hard surface with a acrylic coating, and because of it’s natural shape, it stops the infill from clumping together. This creates a turf base that turf drains much more effectively, eliminating the problem of mold, stagnant water, bacteria and pet urine being trapped.

Superior Odor Control: Since URIFILL™ does not compact together too tightly,  the turf drains much more effectively, flushing away any odor causing bacteria that can create offensive odors.

Better Stablization:The green sand in URIFILL™ is an acrylic coated silica. This acrylic coating does not compact, which stablizes the turf blades much better and holds them in an upright position. This will add many years to the astethic appearance and overall lifespan of your artificial turf.

Cooler Surface Temperature:  Zeo has natural properties that retain some of the moisture that comes from morning dew, mist, rainwater and normal rinsing. Throughout the course of the day, this moisture slowly releases from the infill. This slow release of moisture will help keep the surface temperature cooler than if regular sand was used.

Less Dust: When using URIFILL’s proprietary formula, the amount of dust that scatters and blows all over the area of your yard, swimming pool, or lawn furniture will be significantly reduced. (Approximately 75% less than regular infill. )

eliminate odors from artificial turf
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